Two previous failed attempts by a prominent vein specialist left me skeptical that the large gnarly surface veins in my right leg would ever be removed. Dr. Doug Hill’s EVL procedure was a miracle! Rather than experiencing extensive bruising and a six-week absence from work, I was in Dr. Doug Hill’s office at 4:00 PM of afternoon and back to work at 7:00 AM the next morning. The discomfort associated with my large varicose vein is only a memory.

The care provided by Dr. Doug Hill and his staff has been exceptional. I was informed of every move along the procedure, and felt comfortable asking any question.

I would highly recommend Dr. Doug Hill and this procedure to anyone looking for a solution to problem veins.

– Norma M.


I made a decision to have endovenous laser treatment performed on a badly varicosed vein in my left leg. I can say with utter honesty it was one of the best decisions I have made. I can now put on shorts or a skirt and even (with a little courage) wear a bathing suit. I feel like a big load has been lifted off my shoulders. My leg looks like new, all the ugly bulging veins have gone. My leg even feels lighter, before the surgery it seemed like I had a 5 lb. weight attached to my ankle and now the strength has returned to my leg. I will not hesitate to have my right leg fixed when the time comes. I have to thank Dr. Doug Hill and the staff at the Vein Treatment Centre for their professionalism, kindness and reassurance they gave to me before, during and after treatment. I was very nervous about the treatment (needles are my worst nightmare) but after the kindness I experience from Dr. Doug Hill and the staff I felt safe and managed to subdue my fears down to manageable level. The treatment was not with out discomfort, some bruising and some aches, probably the worst part of the entire recovery week was the stocking. I said to myself – that’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of “summertime shorts.” So I would recommend without reservations to anyone who asks “is it worth it?” Yes go see Dr. Doug Hill, make an appointment right away and loose 20 years off your legs. I now call the treatment a “face lift for the legs.”

– Ann S.


The purpose of this letter is to express my sincere thanks with regards to service and care provided by Dr. Doug Hill and all the staff at the Vein Treatment Centre. I also which to share this positive experience with anyone thinking about EVL.

Specifically, I wanted to say that the Endo Venous Laser was life changing for me. Prior to the EVL, I was suffering constantly with aching pain to my right leg from tortuous varicose veins. My leg felt achy, heavy and itchy all the time. My leg swelled nearly 2 inches in half circumference by day end. I scratched my leg until it bled at night. I had several bouts of Phlebitis, and even ultrasounds to rule out Deep Vein Thrombosis because my leg was so inflamed, red, and painful to walk on at times.

Over 2 years ago I had seen another vein treatment centre physician, who had put me on a surgical list for stripping and ligation. After waiting for an O.R. slot for over a year, no call to the operating table ever came. Also, I would like to say that I was tired of the trouble my leg was giving me waiting, and I was also terrified about facing general anesthesia and such a painful recovery post surgery.

As a registered nurse, and an avid runner, I just had to find help for my leg. My leg has taken over my life dramatically. It was depressing to say the least. I missed work and running at times due to my leg.

Then I was given the name Dr. Doug Hill at the Vein Treatment Centre in Calgary. I had been given Dr. Doug Hill’s name from a Doctor while at work at the hospital one day. He said to go see Dr. Doug Hill and ask about EVL. I did so immediately.

The Endo Venous Laser I had in April 2006 was very successful. The procedure was only about 2 hours total.

During the procedure I was surprised that I did not feel any of the little needle pricks to freeze around my saphenous vein. The emla cream worked wonderfully. The laser itself was painless too. At one point I did experience a bout of light headedness when the catheter was inserted into my vein. The was probably due to the fact that I had a little bit of anxiety at the idea of it. Dr. Doug Hill’s nursing staff and ultrasound tech, and other assistants were very efficient at relieving my anxiety and light headedness.

Today, my leg is doing great, I find that my running has improved because my leg is not dealing with venous pooling anymore. I believe that my leg is stronger with the swelling gone, my muscle tone is way better. I can go to work a shift and my leg feels great during and afterward. Before EVL the end of the shift was brutal, my leg was humongous in size with venous pooling, even with support stockings on. That’s how bad my leg swelled prior to EVL.

Now, I feel great and look great! Dr. Doug Hill’s EVL worked wonders on both my physical and mental health and well-being. I am training for a half marathon and a duathlon now and feel strong and confident. I am not sure if Dr. Doug Hill really know how much he affected my overall health.

Hopefully, this procedure will be covered by health care some day soon. There is a marked reduction in possible complications and major short recovery time when compared to that of a stripping and ligation. I am a nurse and I have tried to do the math of what a hospital stay would cost the government for staff, anesthesiologist and vascular surgeons and nurses fees, equipment, etc. The numbers are at a minimum 5-10 times great, if all went smoothly.

The government needs to be aware that EVL saves people time waiting to have their problem solved. It is a short procedure with lasting benefits. It has far less likelihood of complications and people can get back to life ASAP due to short recovery times. I believe that the money spent on EVL was one of the greatest investments that I ever made. Post EVL benefits were like being paid back and then some.

Thanks Dr. Doug Hill and all the gang at The Vein Treatment Centre in Calgary, Alberta for everything.

Jodie M.

Calgary Vein & Cosmetic Treatment Centre

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